Stephanie L. Carr

Winteberry Farm Studio ~ Stephanie L. Carr at the Chester Town Fair 2011

Born in Minot, ND in 1960 Stephanie grew up in Franklin, MA.    A self taught artist drawing and painting from a very young age.  With a strong passion for art and a love of animals Stephanie focuses on her ability to combine the two in her paintings and drawings. 

 Stephanie paints in many different mediums to include pastels, oils, watercolors, colored pencils, charcoal and graphite. 

Stephanie also sculpts in clay, needle felts and works with wire.

 Stephanie currently works as a full time artist in her studio at home in Chester, NH with her husband, two daughters and of course her never ending sources of inspiration 5 horses, 5 cats, and two bunnies.

Stephanie is currently accepting commissions


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